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Paintings and Drawings
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T. F. Levick - Paintings and Drawings

Thomas Fisher Levick (TFL) was born in 1864 in Sheffield, England. After sailing for Australia in 1887, TFL began instructing in art in the country Victorian regional centres of Kyneton and Castlemaine. Returning to England during the 1890s, TFL proved to be a leader in results at the London College of Art, and also won the much sought after National Medal for Design. By 1902, TFL and his family made their way back to Australia, where TFL was instrumental in establishing the Prahran Technical School (now Swinbourne's Prahran Campus), and later became head of the Art School at Melbourne's Working Man's College (now RMIT). TFL was also responsible for several municipal works in Kyneton and Castlemaine, most notably the murals at Kyneton's Masonic Lodge (listed on the National Heritage Register).

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T.F.Levick - Paintings and Drawings